Kn Furs is a company which activates in fur business and is seated at Kastoria. It was founded by Nikos Karanikolas, who since 1983 is an active furrier. Today, his company is considered evolutionary and particularly dynamical.

The knowledge, the techniques and the secrets of fur processing are a bequest, because Karanikolas’s family deals with the fur industry since 1967. The company preserves intact the tradition in the art of fur. However its main target is to evolve new technological trends for the fur process. This factor as well as Mr. Karanikolas’s substantial training, his deep knowledge of creating furs and his years of experience in this field, is what has made the company successful until today.

Since April of 2011 Kn FURS is situated in owned facilities (1500 square meters) in Kastoria. There, are housed the exhibition hall and the craft workshop. Our facilities have art machinery as befitted to a modern fur company worldwide known. Our purpose is to ensure the best quality of fur and to maximize the production.

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